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When it comes to legal representation, you want an attorney with experience, knowledge, and a good relationship with the local legal community. We bring all of that to the table along with a respectful, friendly atmosphere that most folks don't usually expect from a law firm.

Trial Hardened Experience

Believe it or not, many lawyers rarely see the inside of a courtroom. Zach Procter had tried DUI cases, robberies, batteries, and felonies before even being admitted to the Bar (3rd year law students can try cases under the supervision of a licensed attorney). What makes a great trial-layer? Natural talent and experience.

About Our Attorney

We are all products of our experiences.


Zach Procter

Attorney at Law

An Air Force brat, Zach lived in seven different states before graduating from Lakeview Academy in Hall County, Georgia. His next steps took him to Georgia Tech where Zach earned degrees in History and International Affairs. Next, he spent more than two years working on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. and served as Healthcare, Judiciary, and Foreign Affairs Legislative Assistant to a Member of Congress. Seeking an opportunity to make a difference in the legal profession, Zach then ventured to Tallahassee, Florida where he graduate from Florida State University's College of Law. After meeting his future wife in Gwinnett County, Zach joined the office of the Solicitor-General and settled down there. Two and a half years later, Zach entered the private sector and has been serving his clients with distinction ever since. Zach lives in Gwinnett County with his beautiful wife and daughters and their rescue dog, Callie.

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